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*Professor* Gunner2020-05-31 06:24:52
The Wizarding Wireless Network is on air with *Disc Jockey* Dave! Press the play button to listen to the radio!

Please be advised that all site rules still apply so please make appropriate requests, no explicit langauge and please do not send links. Enjoy!

~Disclaimer: This radio is in no way supported or sponsored by HPO. All responsibilities fall on the radio owner/broadcaster.

News for Tue, Jun 2, 2020
Maestro Dracokage has defeated his Professor, Professor Mad-Eye Moody to advance to level 12 after 3 days!!
First Year Student HoggyWarts has duelled their Professor, P
rofessor Sprout and lost!
"Maybe, First Year Student HoggyWarts, you should be dreaming a little less," regards Professor Sprout.
First Year Student HoggyWarts lost 3 Points for Slytherin!
First Year Student EmmaWang was attacked by a Dementor in Hogwarts and was almost left soulless!
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