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VE Contest
~Deputy Headmistress Aurora2020-05-08 04:45:05
HPO is running a VE contest!

The player who gains the most VEs in each House will be awarded with 1,000 Donator Points.
The player with the most overall VEs in each tier will also win
15,000 gems, an additional 1,000 donator points and will win their house 5,000 House Points.
The overall winner will also become a forest creature.

As with the last contest, this one will also work on the Tier system.
The tier that is in place means that players with 50 VEs or more can join Tier 1 and those with 49 VEs or less can join Tier 2
This means that there will be 8 winners in total, 2 from each House.
*Anyone who joins Tier 2 cannot join Tier 1 once they hit 50 VEs whilst the contest is running.

To participate in the House VE Contest you will need to do the following:

1. Go to your House Common Room.
2. Click the link named VE Contest.
3. Join the VE Contest.
4. Read the information given.
5. Gain as many VEs as you possibly can.

The contest will run until the 31st May.
Purchasing VEs will not count towards the contest.

As 8th May is VE day, we will be offering a special prize. Everyone who enters the VE contest and completes at least one VE will be entered into a prize draw - a winner will be chosen at random and the reward will be 500 donator points!

Good luck!

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