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Trivia fun
~Deputy Headmistress Aurora2020-03-26 08:48:29
Want to win prizes?

Starting Sunday 29th of March to Thursday 2nd of April, quick fire trivia will be beginning at 10PM Server Time. This will be done in the Hogwarts chat, so look out for
Celeste! Anyone can join!
Prizes will be available for the top three participants!

See you there!

News for Mon, Mar 30, 2020 (Items 101 - 106 of 106)
Dreamcatcher Niamh has defeated her Professor, Professor Snape to advance to level 13 after 4 days!!
reamcatcher Niamh was hunted down by their Professor, Professor Snape, for being truant.
reamcatcher Niamh has slain the Acromantula in the Forbidden Forest!
Matriarch GinnyStar has defeated her Professor, Madam Hooch to advance to level 6 after 16 days!!
Matriarch GinnyStar has defeated a Death Eater trying to break into Hogwarts via the Forbidden Forest!
First Year Student Jasminetucker has defeated her Professor, Professor Mad-Eye Moody to advance to level 12 after 34 days!!
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