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First exam of the school year - answers
~Deputy Headmistress Aurora2019-09-14 19:46:25
Thank you to all that submitted their exam results.

Hogwarts is pleased to award such high marks.
10 of you received an O, 11 received an E and 3 received an A.

You will be contacted shortly with your result and prize.

Below you will find the answers.

1. What is the number of VEs that Chaos currently has? 217 VEs.
2. Who got married 2018-09-16 22:16:01? Dave and Marina
3. Who is the Best Lumberjack? inzanelord
4. Who is the Fifth Most Mischievous Prankster? Katherine
5. Name three dwelling types. Castle, Manor, Apartment, Shack, Farmhouse.
6. How much does a Hagrid backyard brew cost? Only one person got this fully correct. Depends on your level. Level 1 it's 25 galleons and it increases by 25 galleons until it reaches level 15, which is 375 galleons.
7. What pet was brought to HPO by Risa? Otter
8. Who has a hat size of 129? Metalfist
9. Who won the Ned Stark player award in May 2019? Leigh
10. Who won the house cup in January 2018 and who was the winner’s house prefect in the previous term? Gryffindor, Harleigh
11. What is strongly recommended (although not required) to bring with you in the mine? Canary
12. How many house points do you receive for defeating Voldemort? 10 points
13. Who is the level 12 Professor? Professor Snape
14. Which level 3 forest creature has Magical Fire as it’s weapon? Ashwinder
15. Who is the author of the book ‘Death’ in the library? CarolinaLeuzzi
16. Who is HPO’s current Minister for Magic? Riley
17. Which player has the title ‘Mignonne’? Venette
18. What title do you receive when you gain 48 VEs? Unspeakable

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