Terms and Agreements

These are the Site Rules of Harry Potter Online and must be adhered to at all times.

Rule 1. Language - Offensive/Foreign: Due to the nature of the site, only the English language may be permitted in use. This is so that everyone understands what is being said, and confusion is avoided. Some words or phrases may be used if it is common knowledge as to what it is translated to, for example "Ciao", "Bonjour", and "Gracias". The use of profanity in other languages is not allowed. Be aware that staff will translate anything said in another language and if found to be offensive, the player who made the comment will face punishment. Swearing, so long as the words do not evade the filter, is allowed unless it is excessive. Swearing at another person is NOT allowed.

Rule 2. Hacking & Cracking: Any person and/or player past or present caught trying to damage the integrity of this site or its members will face an automatic permanent ban. The ISP of the person caught will also be informed of their actions. Hacking is against the law and we will prosecute those who try and damage this site.

Rule 3. Spamming & Chat Speak: Spamming and Chat Speak are heavily discouraged and forbidden in certain areas of the game. This includes; All Commentary Sections, Player Bios & Library Book Submissions. We class spamming as being useless, unnecessary and repetitive text which are letters, symbols and numbers in both lower and upper case (where applicable). Extra letters, symbols and numbers should be kept to a minimum at all times, with the advisory limit being no more than 5 in each comment/line of text. We define chat speak as being any word, number of words or phrases that are not found in the dictionary or that are used in conversations such as SMS messaging (texting), online messengers or are defined as slang. If you are unsure of whether something you are about to say is chat speak, Owl a staff member or send in a Petition and we will clarify it for you. More than 3 posts/comments in a row in any commentary section are perfectly acceptable unless they are deemed as useless or unnecessary which is at the staff member's discretion. Some players may have trouble in reading text as others through whatever reason it may be and as a result use screen readers to assist them. We would therefore like to remind everyone to keep this in mind when talking on the site as chat speak and spamming can heavily interfere with player's screen readers causing it to become a problem. Failure to adhere to the commentary rules will result in your ability to post comments being removed from a temporary to a permanent basis.

Rule 4. Harassment: There should be no harassment of other players. This means that if a player asks another player to leave them alone, do so. This also applies to players asking other players to marry them, go out with them or send them Galleons/gems & donation points. The use of offensive and/or sexually explicit language in chat or owls is not allowed. Personal attacks and insulting remarks should be kept out of public chat, this includes swearing as swearing at someone is strictly forbidden by everyone including staff members. Do not make insulting remarks about the site, staff or players. Do not bring real life arguments into this game.. Leave them outside where they belong as it would be better to either ignore the person or keep your arguments off the site. Due to the increased presence of younger players on this site, cybering is not allowed anywhere on the site. This includes; owls, dwellings, bios or in public chat. Kissing and cuddling is not considered cybering. If in doubt, ask a member of staff. HPO is not a dating site, do not post comments in any chat area or Owl players asking them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Rule 5. Respect: Respect of players and staff alike is a very important factor on this site. All players and staff must be treated with respect. The staff work very hard to keep this site running smoothly for everyone, they are unpaid volunteers and therefore should be respected and listened to at all times, especially if they warn you about something. If you feel that for some reason you are being disrespected by any player of staff member then feel free to send in a petition, explaining your side of what has transpired and the situation will be dealt with accordingly. If you feel a member of staff is abusing their powers then you should report it via the Petition for Help link so that senior staff are made aware. Show respect for yourself and others which means no role playing of indecent, graphic or possibly offesnive scenarios. The role playing of substance abuse, rape and other explicit sexual conduct or harmful acts will get you muted after only one warning. Repeat offenders will be banned. Please note that staff will only give so many warnings (usually two) before taking disciplinary action.

Rule 6. Multiple Accounts/Alts: Each player is limited to having a maximum of 3 accounts on this site. This means that there may be 1 main/original account and up to 2 multiple/alternative accounts. If in the instance a player exceeds the limit of 3 accounts then the multiple accounts which have taken the player over the limit will be deleted, in some cases without notification. If it cannot be established which accounts have caused the player to exceed the limit then the staff may decide to delete older accounts as well as more recent accounts. In some cases a player may be reduced to only their main/original account with a ban on them being able to create any further accounts in the future. If more than one person shares your internet connection or computer be it a sibling, parent or friend or that you play from a school or library and that additional accounts are created and/or played by someone else on that internet connection or computer they will be classed as your alt and will count towards the number of accounts allowed. In such instances, prior notification detailing which account belongs to who is essential as we can work to ensure that there are no complications in the future if it is to be a permanant thing. This part of the rule is in place as we are unable to verify and prove that indivudals exist even if they say they do and that in some cases, players will try and exploit the ability to create accounts for their own gain. Multiple/Alt accounts are forbidden to interact with each other in the following way; PvP Combat and Marriage. Having alts in the same House is allowed, however it is at the discretion of the Head of House as to whether or not they wish an alt account to remain based on how many places are available in each House.

Rule 7. Advertising Other Sites/Posting Links: Advertising other websites or postings links to any website or messenger/e-mail address should not be posted in any commentary area or Owls. Absolutely no owling players to advertise other sites. Also do not discuss other sites in the chat or owls as it is considered advertising. You will be caught, Owl muted and possibly banned. If you wish to advertise another site, use the link exchange feature. In addition, do not advertise this site on any other website that does not allow it.

Rule 8. Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking & Other Issues: Any reference to drug use, alcohol use other than site-related, cutting, suicide or other forms of self-mutilation will not be tolerated. We have many young players and this is a mutable offense. If continued can lead to a permanent ban. The discussion of politics and religion is also to be kept from commentary areas throughout the game. This is in conjunction with Rule #5.

Rule 9. Bugs/Glitches & Cheating: If you find a bug/glitch in the game, petition it in with as much information as you can, including the url of where it occured and any error message that you received. If you are found to be abusing a bug/glitch you will be stripped of anything that you have gained and/or receive a temporary ban. A bug/glitch is a problem in the game code that allows you to gain an unfair advantage over other players and is a form of cheating. Other forms of cheating such as logging out for the purpose of PvP, organised with other players will also not be tolerated. If you are gaining stats such as VEs or forge through a program, or in a way where you are not physically at the computer yourself, it is considered cheating. Of course we will not detail other ways to cheat, but we are very aware when it happens and will punish those involved with any exploits.

Rule 10. Referrals: We allow players to refer others to HPO and reward them with referral points which are the same as donator points. However the referral of multiple/alternative accounts is strictly forbidden. This means that you are not permitted to refer anyone whom you share an internet connection and/or a computer with. As stated above there is an issue with verification and is therefore not allowed. Any attempt to get around this rule and the system will be considered as cheating as you are trying to gain points which you are not entitled to. Staff have the ability to check for alts, so you will be caught, punished and will lose your points and anything you have gained by spending them. If you are unsure what a multiple/alternative account might be, take a look at the rule above and you will find an answer.

Rule 11. There is a filter in place on this site. This keeps unsuitable words out of this game. If a word shows up as !@#$ when it posts, do NOT change it so others can read it. Don't do it. Do not evade this filter as this is a mutable offense. If you do evade it, you will receive a warning in chat and an owl from a mod letting you know that you have done so. Please respond back to this owl as it may keep you from being muted. If a word is filtered and you believe it is an error, sent a petition and it will be looked at to determine if it can be removed from the filter.

Rule 12. If you can't find something or you need help with something after referring to the FAQ's please refer to the Petition for Help link instead of contacting an Admin directly.

Rule 13. Players are held responsible for everything that happens through their account. Questionable actions are always charged to the original account creator. It is forbidden to trade accounts or inherit accounts. If you feel someone has accessed your account other than you, please contact the staff immediately.

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