Staff List
Harry Potter Online Staff

NameHouse Gender Role Position On Duty
~Headmaster Chaos <RAV> Male Headmaster Site Manager & Head of Site Development No
~Deputy Headmistress Aurora <GRY> Female Deputy Headmistress Site Manager & Head of Staff No
*Professor* Silveron <HUF> Male Professor of Ancient Runes Senior Administrator No
*Professor* Gunner <SLY> Male Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts & History of Magic Co-Head of Staff & Senior Administrator No
*Professor* Marina <SLY> Female Professor of Herbology Administrator No
*Professor* Kale <GRY> Female Professor of Flying Creative Developer - Admin & Co-Head of Staff No
*Professor* Gellen Grindelwald <HUF> Male Professor of Dark Arts - On Leave Head of Role Play & Senior Moderator No
*Professor* Hunter <RAV> Male Professor of Alchemy Senior Moderator No
*Professor* Tom Riddle <SLY> Male Professor of Charms Junior Moderator No
*Professor* Era <HUF> Female Professor of Transfiguration Junior Moderator Yes

Events Team

NameHouse Gender Role Position On Duty
*Professor* Era <HUF> Female Events Team Events Team Manager Yes
~Deputy Headmistress Aurora <GRY> Female Events Team Deputy Events Team Manager No
*Professor* Gellen Grindelwald <HUF> Male Events Team Deputy Events Manager & Head of Role Play No
*Elliot <HUF> Female Events Team Creative Developer - Graphics No
*Egotistical Flirt VanHelsing <RAV> Male Events Team Events Facilitator No

Honorary Staff

NameHouse Gender Role Position On Duty
*Professor* CompletelyInsane <HUF> Male Honorary Professor Honorary Staff Member No
*Professor* Potions Mistress <SLY> Female Honorary Professor Honorary Staff Member No
*Professor* Xanto <HUF> Male Honorary Professor Honorary Staff Member No

These are the Staff Members for Harry Potter Online.

All staff here are volunteers and give up their free time to ensure the game is maintained and run well.

Treat them with respect and you will in return be treated the same.

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